"Adventure Time: Islands" Intro (animatioN by Science Saru, inc)

"Adventure Time: Islands" Intro Full Storyboard

Summer Camp Island, "radio silence," storyboard excerpt

Radio Silence by Sam Alden on Scribd

ADVENTURE TIME, "GUMBALDIA" EXCERPT (animation by Saerom, inc)

Adventure Time, "Gumbaldia" storyboard excerpt

Summer camp island, "a monster visit" storyboard excerpt




May 2014- December 2016 

Wrote and storyboarded for Cartoon Network’s Adventure Time.

Worked from loose outlines to create fully-formed 11 minute episodes

Wrote and paced all dialogue and jokes, with strong input on all plot points 

Boarded and framed each shot, drew to model specifications, with keyframe animation as needed

Designed new settings and characters as needed

Collaborated with directors and multiple board partners to keep plot, tone, and design consistent throughout episodes, pitched board drafts to crew

January 2017-December 2017 

Wrote, storyboarded and designed for Cartoon Networks Summer Camp Island

• Storyboarded with the same level of creative responsibility as Adventure Time

Pitched and wrote outlines as a member of the writers room, from concept to finished script. 

• Designed finished background art

Sam Alden | 503.327.3437 | 1037 Hyperion Ave #104, Los Angeles CA 90029 USA


2012 Graduated Whitman College with a BA in Studio Arts, focused on Printmaking

2012 Fellow, Sitka Fellowship Program of the Island Institute

2014   Resident at the Entreviñetas Comics Residency in Medellín, Colombia


2013 Ignatz Award for Promising New Talent 

2014 Ignatz Award for Outstanding Comic for Wicked Chicken Queen

2014 Peabody Award for work on Cartoon Network’ s Adventure Time

Included in Houghton-Mifflin's The Best American Comics 2014, 2015, and 2017 


2013 Haunter,  Study Group Comics

2014 It Never Happened Again, Uncivilized Books

2015 New Construction, Uncivilized Books